Analysis of different types of bearing materials

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Analysis of different types of bearing materials

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-11-12

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â—† Information on ferrule and rollover:
Ferrules and rollovers are generally made of high-carbon chrome bearing steel. Most of the bearings; using JJ steel in the SUJ2, is the domestic chrome steel (GCr15).
The chemical composition of SUJ2; in the world; as a bearing material has been standardized. For example: with AISL52100 (United States), DIN100Cr6 (West Germany), BS535A99 (UK) are the same kind of steel.
â—† Cage information:
Information on stamping cages; use of low carbon steel. According to different uses; also use brass plates, stainless steel plates. Cut the cage data; use high-strength brass, carbon steel; also use synthetic resin.
1. Crown cage: the steel ball can be installed into the special ball-filling port during installation; it has a low starting torque at low speed; the change is sensitive.
2. Wave cage: It consists of a combination of claws and no claws; most of them use stainless steel 304 or 316; suitable for medium speed applications.
3. Phenolic cage: suitable for extremely high speed; self-lubricating function; used for dental drill bearings.

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