Glass-ceramic decorative board

A glass-ceramic decorative panel is a mixture of microcrystals and glass made by sintering and crystallization of suitable glass particles. Its texture is hard, dense and uniform, and there is no pollution in the production process. The product itself has no radioactive pollution and is a new type of environmentally friendly green material.

The quality indexes of the glass-ceramic decorative board (high hardness, corrosion resistance, compression resistance, impact resistance, non-absorption, less dust, no radiation) are superior to natural stone sheets. By adding different inorganic colorants to the raw materials, you can produce a variety of colors, uniform color or colorful products. The surface of the polished plate has a pattern resembling natural stone or a colored grain. What is more valuable is that it has a soft luster of operation, and has a glass-like crystal clear, bright and shiny optical effect under the sunlight.

The glass-ceramic decorative panel looks very different from our common glass. It has the dual characteristics of glass and ceramic, and the texture on the exterior is more ceramic. Glass-ceramics have higher brightness than ceramics and are more tough than glass. Natural stone such as marble and granite has a rough surface and is easy to be contaminated. Microcrystalline glass has no such problem. The main component of marble is calcium carbonate, which is used to make buildings. It is easy to chemically react with water and carbon dioxide in the air. This is the reason why marble buildings change color for a long time, and glass-ceramics hardly react with air. So it can last a long time. Moreover, compared with natural stone, the glass-ceramic decorative board also has the advantages of uniform strength, simple process and low cost.

The glass-ceramic decorative panel is a promising 21st century new decorative material. Although the current application in China is not very extensive, its development momentum in the country is good. Beijing Olympic buildings and Shanghai World Expo buildings are decorated with glass-ceramic decorative panels. For home decoration, it is also conceivable to use a glass-ceramic decorative board instead of natural marble and granite in the decoration.

Selection of glass-ceramic decorative panels: Glass-ceramic decorative panels are more ceramic-oriented than glass, but the gloss is higher than that of ceramics. According to the choice of ceramics.

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