Rectangular kitchen design points are so beautiful

In modern home design, many people want to design the kitchen into a rectangular shape, but to make the rectangular kitchen space more efficient, designing a "work triangle" is the most practical method. The refrigerator, sink, and kitchen stove most commonly used during cooking can be placed in a triangular area. This design is very much in line with the flow of people, and will no longer be in turmoil. The following small series introduces the main points of rectangular kitchen design.

Rectangular kitchen design points

1, floor tiles

The choice of kitchen floor tiles is very important. In addition to being waterproof, non-skid, and good to be clean, the kitchen is a lot of fumes. For a long time, the floor tiles will accumulate a lot of oil stains. Therefore, when you choose the floor tiles, try to choose a large floor tile area. The floor tiles are small and easy to clean. In addition, it is better to choose the light color of the floor tiles to achieve the effect of aesthetics and expansion.

2, light

In the kitchen design, lighting is also a place to pay attention to, it is best to be consistent with the color of the room, but not too dim. If a kitchen with poor lighting does not use the discrimination dishes, it will affect the mood of cooking. Try not to use spotlights because the uneven lighting of the spotlights will cause illusions about the judgment of dishes. You can try to mix light sources, the effect of hybrid lighting is equivalent to daylight, and does not make the space appear monotonous.

3, storage

Generally rectangular kitchens are relatively long. It is best to separate them from the dining area and the cooking area during design. This can avoid clutter in the functional areas of the kitchen. It is advisable to distinguish between the steps of the installation procedure. It is better to design the storage area. Due to space limitations, all accessories cannot be placed on the countertop, so a storage area is needed for finishing. In addition, if the furnishings of the kitchen are too much, it will give people an illusion that it is very cluttered and crowded.

4, cabinets

The choice of cabinets is also more important. It is generally better to choose a one-shaped or L-shaped cabinet for a long strip of cabinets. This will not take up a lot of space, and it will be a good choice for a long kitchen. Of course, if the width of the kitchen is relatively wide, it is also possible to choose a two-shaped cabinet to add more storage space.

5, color

As we all know, the color of the kitchen must be very focused, and the color has a diffusion effect on the living room. To make the narrow kitchen look less crowded, we must use a combination of bright colors. And it will make the kitchen space appear clean and tidy, thus stimulating our appetite.

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