Russia Railway and Siberian Coal plan to invest in Mongolia railway

Vladimir, head of the Russian Railway Company? Yakunin revealed that the Russian consortium consisting of Russian iron and Siberian coal will win the mining rights of the Mongolian Tabun Tolgoi coal mine and will invest in building the Mongolian railway.

The Tabei Tolgoi coal mine is the largest un-exploited coal mine in the world today. The coal storage area of ​​the mining area is 400 square kilometers, and the reserves are about 6.5 billion tons, 40% of which is high-quality coking coal, 250 kilometers away from the Chinese border, and Uranba. To support 540 kilometers, a new coal-conserving railway needs 400 kilometers. International companies that bid for short-listing include the Russian Railway Siberian Consortium, China Shenhua, Korea Energy, and Japan’s Sumitomo Itochu.

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