Zhang Liqun, a researcher at the National Research Center: next year the government will reduce tax cuts

Near the end of the year, the trend of China's macroeconomic policy will be widely concerned next year. Zhang Liqun, a researcher at the Macroeconomic Research Department of the Development Research Center of the State Council, said at the 5th Bohai Steel Market Forum held on the morning of the 23rd that the continuity of macroeconomic policies is guaranteed. At the same time as stability, the government's strength and actions in tax relief will be even greater next year.
Zhang Liqun believes that the macroeconomic environment will not change much in the context of fine-tuning. Next year's fiscal policy and monetary policy are further adaptive fine-tuning based on maintaining continuity and stability. "About monetary policy next year is more important to emphasize "moderate". This time, monetary policy is one of continuity is stability, and the second is about targeting and flexibility, that is, for changes in economic performance and total. Change, make timely and appropriate fine-tuning of monetary policy, not excessively abundant. The key adjustment of fiscal policy is that fiscal policy should stabilize expenditure. Instead of focusing on continuing to expand spending, we will further support enterprises and increase the shift from demand to supply. More support for consumer activities. So next year, the intensity and action of tax relief will be even greater."
Zhang Liqun also said that policies will be more dependent on the market in terms of promoting the transformation of development mode and adjusting and optimizing the economic structure. He stressed that the reform of the entire development mode also needs deepening support for reform, which means that macroeconomic changes will not be great, but its structure is changing from a medium- and long-term policy. Pursuing the growth rate and turning to the pursuit of growth quality, so "we need to get more policy support, we must seize the longer-term opportunities, we should work hard on the core competitiveness, in the long-term development of the company, do not look small Profit, so that we have a more ambitious future."

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