August 17th Price Adjustment and Analysis of Building Materials Steel Plant

Recently, a total of two construction steel mills introduced pricing policies, of which one adjusted the rebar prices and one adjusted the wire prices, as follows:

In August 16, Qinggang Steel adjusted 60 yuan/ton on the Pudong and Gaoyuan Railways.

Ping Steel raised the rebar price in the province by RMB 20/t on August 16th.

Recently, the number of price-adjusted steel mills has decreased compared with the previous period, and the frequency of price adjustment has been reduced. From the point of view of price adjustment, today's price adjustment rate has reached 20-60 yuan/ton, the price adjustment rate is relatively limited, and the price adjustment direction has been raised. Judging from the spot market, the current domestic major construction steel market continues to show steady consolidation. In addition to some cities in North China and Shanghai rebar and wire prices continue to rise slightly, the rest of the market prices are basically stable. It is expected that the domestic construction steel market will maintain its stable consolidation during the short term.