Generator detection

Generator detection

In many industries, backup power is often referred to as the heart of the power system. Maintenance and management departments at all levels must pay attention to the maintenance and inspection of backup power from the perspective of ensuring equipment operation quality, production safety, and property safety. A good backup power system is an important force in dealing with disasters. Natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes often damage power supply lines, and reconstruction of these lines often takes some time. In the face of disasters, power interruption means the interruption of information, the interruption of light, and even the termination of life. At this time, backup power sources such as power generators, UPS (uninterruptible power supply), and batteries must support the power girders of the emergency system.

Generator test items:


Test items



Electrical quality parameter detection

Display all the electrical quality parameters of the generator during loading, check whether the data is normal and accurate, and meet the user requirements.


Dynamic parameter detection

Detection of important parameters of the generator set, including steady-state voltage regulation rate, transient voltage regulation rate, steady-state frequency adjustment rate, transient frequency adjustment rate, etc., is in compliance with industry standards.


Load capacity

Detect whether the generator set can reach the rated power, and revise its nominal value to determine whether it can meet the actual power requirements.


Full load test

Detecting the running state of the generator set under full load, whether it can run for a long time, so as to ensure the normal operation of the long-term power-off generator set.


Specified power for long periods of operation

The user can designate the generator set to operate at a certain power for a long time according to its actual load power.


Sudden increase test

Simulate the real power situation, when the load is suddenly added when the generator set's ability to bear and operating conditions, can detect the generator set under long-term operation of the various voltage, current, frequency is normal.


Three-phase unbalanced load capacity

Simulate the actual power usage of the generator set under actual power usage, and adjust the generator set when the three-phase load is unbalanced.


Overload capacity

Check whether the generator set can be operated for a short period of time with a standard overload of 110%.


Automatic shutdown protection

Exceeding the safety setting range of the generator set, whether the generator set can automatically stop the protection to detect whether the protection of the generator set is sound.

Generator test process: