Suggestions for plant placement in office Feng Shui

Suggestions for plant placement in office Feng Shui :

1. The Oriental Five Elements are wood, shocking, and purple to the east: the red flowers placed in the east are beneficial to the copywriting planners, editors, and all the "brains" workers.

2, the Western five elements are gold, against the sputum, the West white, yellow color of the flowers can increase the "mouth" for the "mouth" for the "sharp", such as lawyers, sales, artists, etc. have some help.

3, the South Five Elements is a fire, leaving the hustle and bustle. The placement of green plants in the south can make the female surname of the office enhance the personal beauty and charm; this position of safflower has a certain effect on investors or flexible income.

4, the north five elements are water, bumpy, can be placed white flowers, Dr. Z reminded that this move can effectively change the tension between employees and between the upper and lower levels.

5, the southeast five elements are wood, 巽卦, is a position that affects interpersonal relationships, love and marriage, so the preferred flower color is pink.

6. The southwestern five elements belong to the soil, Kunyu, the office leader's position is most suitable for putting bright red flowers; those in the sub-health state can try to place yellow flowers on this side.

7. The northeastern five elements belong to the earth. Hey, the orientation is suitable for the small characters in the department. In 2013, it coincides with the location of the three stars. Therefore, placing yellow flowers is conducive to preventing the tongue from happening.

8. The northwest five lines belong to the gold, and the position of the top leader of the department is suitable for placing white and yellow flowers, which can enhance the leadership prestige and the unity of all employees.

The above is the general principle of placing flowers in the office. If you need to carefully place flowers in a personalized way, then you need to consider the numerology of the office staff and the specific position of the office. It can be said that it is targeted. At the same time, it should be noted that in the feng shui layout of the office, do not use fake flowers because it symbolizes death and decline.

If you feel that you are a villain in the office, there is always a villain, then Dr. Zheng suggests that you place or hang red flowers or potted plants on the left side of the desk (cactus, prickly pear is appropriate), pay attention to the flowers 3 is appropriate. In addition, it is best to place office supplies on the right side of the desk. Because it is a white tiger, you need to be cautious.

The lifespan of flowers is very short, mostly within a week, and summers are shorter. Especially flowers like tulips will fade in about two days. How can I keep the flowers for a long time? Dr. Zheng gives advice, friends may wish to try:

1) First, the root of the flower should be cut obliquely, so that the water-absorbing part is large and can absorb more water;

2) Secondly, it is necessary to cut some of them every day to ensure better absorption of water;

3) Also, the leaves of the flowers should not be soaked in the water, so the leaves will rot, so be sure to remove the leaves soaked in the water;

4) Change the water every day. If it is summer, in order to keep the water temperature from rising, you can put a few pieces of ice in the vase. At the same time, the water in the vase is best filled, so that not only can the temperature of the water be kept longer, but also the bottom of the vase. The weight guarantees the stability of the vase.

5) In order to make the flowers bloom longer, you can put a little beer in the vase or put two pieces of aspirin into the end. It can extend the life of flowers.

6) Among the several flowers that are commonly bought by ordinary families, tulips have the shortest life span and carnations have the longest life. If your master is a beautiful and more economical person, you should buy less tulips and buy more carnations. Especially in summer, tulips will soon wither.

7) Also note that you should not buy chrysanthemums in your home. Because chrysanthemum is generally used for supply.

8) Buy a few flowers and mix them with flowers to insert them into the vase, which will make the flowers look more and more luxurious. Different flowers can be used repeatedly with different flowers.

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