Things to do before renovation

For the friends who are considering the renovation and later to buy a house decoration, the decoration experience. Renovation is a big thing in the home. There are many links in the decoration process that are easy to make mistakes. It is best to do your homework before you decorate, so that you will not leave too much regret. The following summarizes 10 decoration ideas, and adds some decoration to your decoration. prompt:

1. Make a decision after the move - must establish a clear design and construction plan, otherwise you will not be able to give the construction team clear work instructions, the results of the renovation will not be investigated.

2. The function plan is clear, and the decoration will be coordinated immediately. For example, the hotel's executive lounge is to provide guests with a comfortable environment to relax, eat, drink, socialize or work meetings, so this area needs a welcome Areas, equipment for guests to reply to emails, comfortable seats, and places to watch TV and kitchen facilities.

3. One move is worse than a quiet one———— During the renovation period, many people have the impulse to temporarily change the initial plan or have new ideas emerge from time to time. Even the slightest changes will lead to the whole body, causing cost increase and delay in progress.

4. Recalling the sweetness of the mind, painting the plum and quenching the thirst—putting the decoration renderings in a conspicuous place, when the irritating mood of the decoration occurs, her motivation will be very effective.

5. Kitchen Renovation - First you have to decide which food to put and what kind of kitchenware to put it, don't put the refrigerator (cold) next to the oven (hot), and make sure that things are in the range that you can get. Within, we provide ourselves with the greatest convenience.

6. Bedroom decoration - if you want to shower, it is best to install a manual nozzle. Not only does it suit your height, but the nozzles can be removed at any time to clean the bathtub.

7. Careful selection of materials - must be careful when choosing wall materials. For example, the most popular limestone floor at present, this material is easy to absorb water and takes a long time to dry. Another example is marble, whose shiny surface needs to be treated regularly for waxing. The bathroom counter made of granite can avoid soiling. Marble smooth walls are faint (especially with acidic cleaners), and if you use a milder cleaner, there is no problem.

8. Sequential cleaning - - follow a certain procedure when cleaning. Start with a little and gradually expand each time you clean a surface, a closet, until you return to the original cleaning place.

9. The last process -- vacuuming. Do not clean the dust until it is in bed, as the bed is usually the most dusty.

10. Selection of cleaning agent - Care should be taken when cleaning the surface, because any chemical cleaning agent, polishing measures will make the surface sticky and dark. For wood surfaces, it is best to use a damp cloth dampened with soapy water. For mirror glass surfaces, it is best to use a damp cloth containing a small amount of vinegar.

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