Buy Bed Products Knowledge AND Fabric Tips

One third of our lives are spent in bed. When you choose a good companion for life - bedding, you must be careful. Isn't it true? In fact, many people don't know that when the relevant departments conduct quality inspection on bedding products, they mainly start from the following aspects:


2. Fiber content

3. pH value

4. Washing dimensional change rate (shrinkage rate)

5. Color fastness

6. Breaking strength

7. Decomposable aromatic amine dyes (carcinogenic dyes)

Especially aromatic amines, which are dyes that are banned by the state. According to industry insiders, the reason why textile companies use aromatic amine dyes, in addition to low-cost factors, but also because of the dye color is complete, strong coloring, bright and bright, long-lasting color, high color fastness.

However, according to the person in charge of the industrial and commercial department, the decomposable aromatic amine dye is a kind of dye which is unfavorable to the human body. It can be contacted by the textile fabric and absorbed by the skin. After entering the human body, a reduction reaction occurs to produce a carcinogen--fragrance. Amine compound. Moreover, the dye is insoluble in water and cannot be distinguished from the appearance of the textile. It is strictly prohibited according to the "National Textile Product Basic Safety Technical Specifications". Formaldehyde content, pH value and color fastness in clothing are the main indicators for judging the safety of clothing. If the pH in the textile is too high or too low, it will destroy the balance and resistance of the skin. The industry and commerce department believes that the dyeing fastness of the dye itself is not a toxic factor. However, products with poor color fastness, when the human body is put on, touch the sweat, the dye will easily fall off and fade, on the one hand, it will affect the overall beauty. On the other hand, the dye in the fabric will fall off and spread to the skin due to the action of sweat. The absorption of the skin is harmful to the human body. Therefore, from the perspective of protecting the health of consumers, the color fastness should meet the requirements of its explicit product standards.

Therefore, when you buy bedding products, you must purchase quality products. Health is the most important!

Tips: Definition of Printing / Embroidery / Jacquard

The so-called printing: refers to the cloth is woven, the pattern is printed again. The color of the printed products is bright and bright, and the variety of patterns is generally divided into active printing and pigment printing. Pigment printing, the pigment used is a non-reactive dye, the price is relatively cheap. Reactive dyes, also known as reactive dyes. It contains active genes that react with fiber molecules. In the dyeing and printing process, the active gene of the dye forms a bond with the fiber molecules, so that the dye and the fiber form a whole. The fabric has excellent dustproof performance, high cleanliness and high color fastness, and of course the cost is much higher than pigment printing.

The so-called embroidery: refers to the cloth is embroidered with the machine after the cloth is woven. Embroidery products have the characteristics of good gas permeability and moisture absorption.

The so-called jacquard: the pattern on the fabric refers to the weaving of different colors of yarn when weaving. Compared with embroidered fabrics, the cost is higher, the process is more complicated, and the bedding is softer and more delicate, the gloss is better, the hand feel is better, the quality and breathability are better, and it is more noble.

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