Buying 9 big traps for consumers to buy, be cautious

Ceramic sanitary ware products are the main materials in the decoration. For most consumers, when they choose products, they are often attracted by the price and style of ceramic sanitary wares, but they don’t know, there may be many hidden in them. Trap, what problems might you encounter when purchasing a bathroom product?

1, virtual high price

In many ceramic sanitary ware stores in Fuzhou, consumers can still bargain with merchants. According to industry sources, most of the merchants are more standardized on the price list, but they still do not rule out the high price of some merchants. If you don’t know what you are doing, you will be blinded. When you meet consumers, you will automatically lower the price. Discounts to attract their purchases.

2, counterfeit origin

In addition to the ceramic sanitary ware products produced in this province, most ceramic sanitary wares in Fuzhou market are produced in Guangdong. Guangdong products are slightly better in quality, style and brand, and have been recognized by most consumers. It is the use of the consumer's psychology that some unscrupulous businesses, like the "Ou Dian incident" in the floor, will not be the Guangdong-made ceramic sanitary ware, which is packaged in Guangdong's outer packaging, deceiving consumers, in order to illegal profits.

3, shoddy

When consumers choose ceramic sanitary wares, they usually notice that the outer packaging of the ceramic sanitary ware has a marked grade, but it is rare to know that this grade has articles to do. Now ceramic sanitary ware manufacturers are not standardized on the classification of grades. Some manufacturers' first-class products are superior products. Therefore, when buying ceramic sanitary wares, it is best to ask the grade division of commodity brand manufacturers. But usually, the best products are the best, followed by the first and second grades. Some unscrupulous merchants will sell first-class and second-class products as premium products, and the price is naturally much higher. Therefore, consumers should be especially careful not to be fooled.

4, unknown code price

In some ceramic sanitary ware shops, not all products have a price tag. Bad merchants often only mark one of the lower-priced products. When consumers ask other goods, they will take the opportunity to raise the price, so that consumers will fall into the price trap of the business design without knowing it.

5, package behavior

Although consumers look at branded products in the store, they are not expected to adopt a package-adjusting behavior. When they are sent to consumers, they are other brands of ceramic sanitary wares of the same color style. If the consumer disagrees, return the product. If the consumer does not see the flaw, take the opportunity to earn the difference.

6, with false realities

In the market, brand-name ceramic sanitary wares are leading the fashion trend in terms of color and style, attracting the eyes of many consumers. Therefore, some merchants use the psychology of consumers to pursue the brand and produce some ceramic sanitary wares with imitation brand styles. The price is only half or one-third of the brand name. Some consumers have bought this imitation because they are cheap. No brand service and quality assurance.

All of the above are some illegal businesses on the market for the sake of profit. The consumers must beware of the various tricks of the merchants when choosing ceramic sanitary ware. Professionals say that, just in case, consumers still choose some products from regular brands to better.

7, ç‘•ç–µ products into the market at low prices

Foshan sanitary ceramics bathroom market industry insiders pointed out that "the demand for large real estate companies is very large now, but they are also very strong on the price of manufacturers, the price is very low. Therefore, the building materials business in the hardcover market is very profitable. Low, even no profit."

Many people in the industry agree with this statement. According to an informed person from a ceramic company in Foshan who did not want to be named, the general ceramic sanitary ware products have their own grades, which are mainly divided into superior products and qualified products (or B products). The so-called superior products are the quality of ceramic sanitary ware products. The best products are tested to the standard; while the qualified products are slightly defective products selected from the finished products, mainly due to problems such as color difference, dimensional deviation, and flatness, which cannot be included in the superior products.ç‘•ç–µ product.

“Generally speaking, after the factory inspection of ceramic sanitary ware products, the superior products that meet the standard are directly packaged, and the defective products are subject to secondary screening. According to the degree of defect classification, the products that seriously affect the use are directly scrapped into scrap. Products that are defective but have no obvious impact are included in the scope of qualified products. Therefore, the price of qualified products will be much cheaper than that of superior products. The superior products generally flow to the terminal retail market, while the quality products with relatively poor quality are Generally used for home improvement and engineering procurement," said the person in charge of the ceramics company. In addition, according to its disclosure, most of the corners on the market are currently “returned” products, which are processed with qualified products.

8, reduce the formula standard

With the continuous tightening of the retail market in recent years, home improvement and engineering channels have undoubtedly become the “sweet” in the eyes of many ceramic sanitary ware enterprises. In order to seize the engineering market, many companies have revealed the slogan of “engineering-specific products”. It indicated that it has opened up a special engineering ceramic sanitary ware production line. In this regard, a person in charge of the ceramics sales department said that it is unrealistic to open up an engineering ceramic sanitary product line. The so-called "engineering special supply products" sometimes only small and medium-sized brands in the original production line, reducing the standard production of raw materials. The product that came out.

“There is little chance of independently developing and producing engineering-specific products to reduce the cost of the product. When you understand the entire production process, you will find that this is basically unrealistic. From recipes to production lines to storage. Equipment, these things are shared with the retail product line, in order to adjust the formula to reduce production costs, and then reduce the price of engineering products." The person in charge said.

Subsequently, he calculated the account for the reporter: under a production line, today, with 100 yuan a ton of formula ingredients to make this product, tomorrow can also be replaced with 50 yuan a ton formula. So within the same cost, the formula changes and the amount goes up. In addition, the product produced by the 100-yuan formula is sold at a price of 500 yuan because of the high added value, and the product produced by the 50-yuan formula can be purchased because the added value is as low as 60 yuan. Therefore, due to the large amount and low price factors, many “engineering-specific products” are still in strong demand in the hardcover market.

9, stealing the dragon and turning the phoenix

According to reports, due to fierce competition in the engineering channel, the backlog of ceramic sanitary wares has been replaced by the thief-cats in the terminal retail market, and the superior retail products are sold to consumers through the replacement of packaging.

During the visit, the reporter learned that when the superior products and qualified products leave the factory, the standard manufacturers will be marked on the packaging, and the store retail process is also obliged to inform the consumers of the grades of the products purchased. However, there are still some loopholes in the market: bad merchants change or dismantle the packaging, and pretend to be superior products with qualified products; small and medium-sized ceramic sanitary ware brands do not pack according to the rules, according to the dealer's requirements to package the factory products, fish eyes and other phenomena occur sometimes .

“In general, the materials and formulas used are different. The surface brightness and hardness of ceramic sanitary wares are different, but without the use of professional instruments, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish the quality of a brick by the naked eye. However, the products are good or bad. As long as the two types of products are put together, the difference can be seen. Without comparison, the single-piece ceramic sanitary ware is sold to consumers, and everyone can't see the problem. The contrast is obvious," the industry source said.

Therefore, when purchasing products, it must be meticulous. It is necessary to obtain relevant certification materials such as grade certificates from the merchants, carefully check the products, and find that the “superior products” that the merchants boast are only “qualified products”, they should immediately protect their own rights and interests. Find a merchant to return.

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