[Skills] Construction Scaffolding Installation and Precautions

With the expansion of investment in housing construction, railways, highways, and airports, the demand for construction scaffolding continues to grow. However, the overall competition in China's construction scaffolding market is turbulent, and the development of the industry needs to be further standardized and integrated. Next, we will work together to understand the installation and precautions of the scaffolding under construction.

Scaffolding installation and precautions

1. The backing plate and base should be accurately placed on the positioning line. The backing plate must be laid smoothly and not allowed to float.

2. When setting up the column, it is forbidden to mix the steel tubes with different outer diameters. The docking fasteners of the adjacent columns must not be in the same height. The staggered distance should meet the construction requirements.

3. When starting to set up a column, one throwing support should be set every 6 spans until the wall is installed and stabilized before it can be removed according to the situation.

4. When erecting a structural layer with wall elements, after erecting the post, vertical horizontal rod, and horizontal horizontal rod at the site, a wall element should be set immediately.

5. The vertical step of the same step of the closed scaffold shall be circled around and fixed with right angle fasteners and inner and outer corner posts.

6. The distance between the horizontal horizontal bar of the double-row scaffold and the wall decoration surface should not exceed 100mm.

7. When the operational layer of the scaffold exceeds two steps of wall attachment, temporary stabilization measures shall be taken until the wall components are erected before being removed.

8. Scissor braces and horizontal braces shall be erected synchronously with vertical columns, horizontal and vertical horizontal bars, and the distance from the main node to the center line of the scissor, lateral braces, etc. shall not exceed 150 mm.

9. The opening of the docking fastener should face upward or inward. The length of the end of each rod member protruding from the edge of the fastener cover should not be less than 100mm.

10. When laying scaffolding, it shall be fully paved and paved. The distance from the wall on one side of the wall shall not exceed 150mm. The probe of the scaffold shall be fixed on the support rod by galvanized steel wire with a diameter of 3.20mm. In the corner, the scaffold plate at the flat mouth of the ramp shall be reliably connected with the horizontal horizontal rod to allow sliding.

11, railings and footrests should be erected on the inside of the outer column, upper railing epithelial height of 1.20m, middle rail set in the middle, the height of the footrest is 150mm.

12. After the scaffolding is erected, you must put it into practice before you can put it into use.

Scaffold removal and precautions

(1) The demolition work is carried out according to the opposite procedure of erection work, following the principle of top-down, first demolition, and then demolition first, that is, remove the railing, scaffolding, and scissors, and then remove the small crossbar and large cross. Rods, poles, etc., are carried out one by one in a row;

(2) It is forbidden to perform dismantling operations simultaneously up and down;

(3) When disassembling the pole, hold the pole first and then open the last two buckles. When dismantling the large crossbar and the scissor support, the middle buckle shall be removed first, then the middle buckle shall be held, and then the end buckle shall be removed;

(4) The wall rod can be dismantled after the removal of its upper pole (except for the upright pole);

(5) The flat member releasing the fastener shall be removed at any time, and shall not be loosely hung on the frame;

(6) When the long rods are dismantled, the two persons shall cooperate in the operation so as to avoid the loss of light when working alone;

(7) The removed bar should be lifted to the ground and must not be thrown downwards;

(8) The pole fittings transported to the ground should be designated at the location, and be transported along with the demolition, classified and placed on the same day.

Summary: The above is the content of construction scaffolding installation and precautions that Xiaobian introduced for everyone. I hope we can help you effectively. If you have any good suggestions, look forward to communicating with Xiaobian. For more information, please pay attention to this website.

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