What are the main factors affecting the shrinkage of abs plastics?

After the production and processing of plastic products, due to the difference in temperature, there will be a certain percentage difference in size, so this process is called abs plastic shrinkage, then different molecular structures have different shrinkage rates, and the characteristics of each plastic product and internal The complexity of the structure and processing are also different, so the main factors affecting the shrinkage rate are also very diverse. After the plastic product is formed, the dimensional change taken out from the mold is determined and influenced by many factors. The following China Plastics Network - Jiuzhi Plastics Network takes everyone to see what factors:
Factor 1: Forming process
For example, the temperature of the molding and the pressure of the melt and the temperature of the melt all have an effect on the shrinkage of the abs plastic. If the temperature rise of the mold also increases the shrinkage rate, the molding temperature and the pressure do not change, then the shrinkage rate is It will be correspondingly reduced, and there are many factors affecting the shrinkage rate of the molding process. Each condition changes correspondingly, which will have a great influence on the shrinkage rate of plastic products, and there is obvious data on the increase or decrease of shrinkage rate.
Factor two: plastic structure
At the same time, the overall structure of the plastic is also the decisive factor for the change of the shrinkage rate of the abs plastic. In the analysis of the entire structural data, it is found that the structure is complex and the height direction is normal, and the shrinkage rate is relatively small, so the whole mechanism analysis is different. The different data changes, the shrinkage rate will change according to its internal structure changes.
Factor three: mold structure
In the process of making plastics, different mold models are needed. Then this important mold determines the shape and use characteristics and use of the finished plastic products. Therefore, different mold sizes and demolding techniques are all for the shrinkage of abs plastics. The effect, gate size and line of defense are all reduced shrinkage.
Factor four: plastic properties
Different materials of plastic raw materials will also make the shrinkage of abs plastics different, and the influencing factors are also great, so it depends on the main plastic properties, commonly used plastics and raw materials, after different processing techniques and production, Reaching different shape sizes and states, it is conceivable that the shrinkage rate will change.

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