Ultra-fine talcum powder production process, find out!

Ultrafine talcum powder is an ultra-fine natural talc powder processed from high-purity talc ore, which is widely used in plastics, rubber, paint and Other industries. Ultrafine talc is mainly used in PU transparent primers and PU solid topcoats in solvent wood coatings. It is widely used in industrial coatings, mainly to reduce costs and improve the filling performance of the primer. In aqueous latex coatings, it can impart good paintability, leveling, gloss retention and flexibility to the coating, while also effectively improving the corrosion resistance and dryness of the coating.

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How is the ultra-fine talcum powder so "high on the" produced by the process? Let’s take a look!


Talc beneficiation can be divided into flotation, hand selection, magnetic separation, and photoelectric selection . At present, there are still some defects in the flotation technology, so the whole industry basically does not use flotation beneficiation; the hand selection is based on the different grindiness of talc and gangue minerals, and the experience of workers' selection and accumulation is manually selected. method. The method of sorting using the different optical properties of talc and impurity mineral surface is called photoelectric detection, and this method is now more and more valued and used by enterprises.

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2. Crushing and coarse powder processing

After the ore is sorted into the warehouse, it enters the workshop in batches for crushing and coarse grinding before ultra-fine grinding: firstly, hammer crushing, then vertical grinding, iron removal, and sub-packing, as follows schematic diagram:

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3. Ultra-fine grinding

With the advancement of technology and the increasing demand for market applications, fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding talc have become a benchmark for measuring the quality of talc products. Talc has a Mohs hardness of 1, which is naturally breakable and grindable. Ultra-fine grinding of talc, currently the domestic and international markets basically adopt two ways: one is airflow crushing and grinding, but vertical grinding and grading screening grinding; of course, there are other processing methods such as water mill, ring barrel grinding, etc., but It is not the mainstream way.

Firstly, the airflow grinding process is introduced: coarse powder-airflow crushing-iron removal-finished powder. The fineness of the fine powder of this method can reach 1250-5000 mesh (D97=30-5um).

Followed by the vertical grinding and grading production process: vertical grinding fine powder - grading device screening - 1 to 2 screening - iron removal - finished powder, the fine product of this method of grinding fine powder can reach 1250-2500 mesh (D97=30-8um).

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