Four steps to teach you to distinguish microcrystalline stone

As a high-tech product in the field of architectural ceramics, microcrystalline stone has attracted many consumers with its crystal clear, graceful and vivid colors. However, due to the different technical levels of various manufacturers, the quality of microcrystalline stone products on the market is also uneven. So, how do consumers choose qualified microcrystalline stone products?

First, look at the transparency of the product. The reason why microcrystalline stone is named as microcrystalline stone is mainly because microcrystalline stone is transparent to polished brick and has a strong three-dimensional effect. Good microcrystalline stone has a very high transparency and is transparent in the light.

Four steps to teach you to distinguish microcrystalline stone

Second, look at the brightness. The brightness of the microcrystalline stone can reach 100 degrees, and the brightness of the general polished brick can only reach 60 degrees. Therefore, the brightness of the microcrystalline stone is much higher than that of the polished brick.

Third, look at the layering of the product. If the technology is less advanced, the image will look blurry. Good quality microcrystalline stone has flowing texture, natural gradient color line, warm and jade texture, silky stone surface, and distinct layers.

Fourth, look at the wear resistance of the product. Good microcrystalline spare wear is quite high, and there is no need to worry about scratching in normal use, while inferior crystallites are more likely to be scratched.

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