How to choose the size of compressor capacity

Compressed air can be said to be one of the second only to electricity. Its use has been widely used in all walks of life. Compressed air is generated by air compressors. There are many kinds of air compressors, such as oil-free screw air compressors. It is one of them.
For air compressors, undeniable? A, a single air volume of air compressor than a number of small air volume of air compressor is much better in the overall energy efficiency, search this is regardless of any type of air compressor has Common characteristics. Therefore, the highest principle of choosing an air compressor with energy efficiency as its focus is to choose not to select a small one, but to measure it from various levels, choosing a large air compressor is also affected by the following factors.
The first is the limitation of the power system. The application voltage must be considered. The low voltage system is not suitable for the use of large-scale air compressors. Secondly, we must consider whether or not the large air compressor is sufficient to withstand the impact of the power grid when starting.
In addition, a single air compressor will not be able to avoid the change in the amount of compressed air exceeding a certain range due to seasonality, time difference or other factors, or the air volume actually used is likely to be much lower than the pre-air compressor purchase estimate. There is a waste of energy due to emissions or leaks. Multiple air compressors have greater flexibility to accommodate changes in usage.
Necessary downtime for air compressors is a potential pressure for production stoppages. In order to reduce the risk of production stoppages, it is necessary to consider setting up standby machines. The standby rate for using single machines will be as high as 50%. The increase in investment costs is likely to be unpleasant to the industry. .
In fact, whether the entire compressed air system can achieve the best energy savings, the choice of the size of the air compressor has a great relationship.

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