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Home building materials website compilation

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Construction Hardware Network is a sub-channel of building materials network, professional construction hardware products, construction hardware investment, construction hardware prices, construction hardware company and construction hardware supply and demand information.

China Hardware Building Materials Network provides hardware market, hardware information, hardware trading, hardware enterprise, hardware knowledge and hardware exhibition for the majority of users. It is the most professional hardware industry portal in China.

China Hardware Business Network provides hardware products, hardware information, hardware knowledge, hardware exhibitions, hardware companies, hardware processing and other largest online product marketing platform. It is a Chinese hardware supplier and hardware purchaser that displays the image of hardware companies and conducts online trade. Preferred hardware B2B electronic business platform website!

Jiuzheng Building Materials Network (China Building Materials First Network ) is the building materials industry portal website, China's industry e-commerce website top 50, providing professional building materials industry information, building materials business opportunities, building materials investment, building materials enterprises and products, is the first choice for building materials enterprise network marketing.

Yukuj Building Materials Network (Ykjcw.Net) is the best online platform for China Building Materials Network. It mainly provides market analysis, building materials knowledge, building materials information, building materials price, building materials companies, etc. for home, hardware, decoration and new building materials industries. information.

North Home Building Materials Hardware Network China North International Home Building Materials City is located in the southeast of Linyi City, at the intersection of National Highway 327 National Highway (Volvo Road) and National Highway 205 (Ruohe East Road). The geographical position is superior and the traffic is very convenient. It takes only one minute to reach Linyi Airport and 20 minutes to Linyi Railway Station. China North International Home Building Materials City is invested and built by a large state-owned enterprise, Anliang Group, and is a large professional hardware market. It covers an area of ​​432 mu, with a total construction area of ​​510,000 square meters, a total investment of 2 billion yuan, the largest scale, and the most complete hardware products in Linyi Hardware Market. Mainly engaged in hardware and electrical machinery, hardware tools, abrasives, wire and cable, furniture and building materials, and other hardware famous five brands and hardware products.

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carbohydrazide can act as an oxygen scavenger to prevent corrosion, especially in boiler feedwater systems, rocket propellant assemblies, color image and soap stabilizers, antioxidant rubber, boiler water deoxidizers and metal passivators. Carbohydrazide can also be used as an anticorrosive agent. Organic synthesis of intermediates.

CAS No. 497-18-7                                       EINECS 207-837-2

Molecular Formula CH6N4O                   Molecular Weight 90.08


Carbohydrazide is a white crystalline powder or granule. The effective content of carbohydrazide is from 98.0 to 100.0%.





White crystal line powder or pellets

Active Content (%)


PH (12% Solution, @ 25 ℃)


Free Hydrazine


Chloride (Cl)


Sulfate (SO4)


Silica (SiO2)


Copper (Cu)


Iron (Fe)


Sodium (Na)


Lead (Pb)




Packaging and storage:

Pack 25 kg or 50 kg with woven bags or fiber drums.

Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible materials. Please close the container when not in use.

Carbohydrazide CAS NO. 497-18-7

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