[tips] reflective fabric production and processing technology

In fact, the so-called reflective cloth is actually a traditional reflective cloth, and the other one is the two types of reflective printing cloth. Speaking of this reflective printing cloth can also be called crystal lattice, this is a new type of reflective material that can be produced by inkjet printing in 2005. It can be used in many occasions. Since the use of reflective fabrics is very large, what are the reflective fabric production techniques? Is it difficult or not? According to authoritative sources, the principle of reflective fabric production is actually very simple. The high-refractive glass beads are coated on the surface of the cloth base with a coating process, and ordinary fabrics can reflect light under the illumination of this light.


The use of reflective cloth production

Reflective cloth, as our safety functional product, has already been applied to our transportation as well as the public security and sanitation industries. Now it has been used in some of the more special industry outdoor personnel working at night time. If these workers wear such reflective fabrics and work or walk at night, they can obviously make it impossible for drivers to find them far away, so using this reflection function can be very good. Avoid many accidents.

Reflective cloth is also very helpful to our ordinary people and friends. For example, wearing a night shift made of reflective cloth, shoes, hats, bags, rain gear, etc., can greatly improve our self. The security is also a responsible expression of our own lives.

Reflective cloth production technology

Speaking of reflective cloth production technology, there are mainly three types. One is the transfer method, and the other is the coated pearl method and the bead method. Due to different methods, the processing technology used is also different, and chemical raw materials are also different. Therefore, the intensity of reflection produced and the degree of hand-feeling and the effect of this performance are also different. It is normal for them to have differences before.

Reflective cloth production or the use of beads processing method is actually using a strong electric field generated by high-voltage electricity, so that the glass beads charged and attached to the static beads on the fabric. However, the glass bead was spread evenly over the adhesive-coated fabric by a beading method. Based on the requirements for the use of reflective fabrics in this market, we know that the choice of fiber types is different. The thickness of the yarns is different and the density is different. After processing, the reflective cloth made by the base fabric is relatively uniform and delicate in appearance. The bead can exhibit a horizontal arrangement, the film formation of the reflective film on the reflective cloth is strengthened, and the washability of the beads is greatly improved.

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