How to decorate a townhouse villa How to decorate a new height

In order to meet the needs of high-end customers, developers have launched terrace houses. It is actually the abbreviation of townhouses. It is a representative of high-end villas and generally has two or three floors. According to the arrangement, rowhouses can be divided into stacked and row houses and double-fed houses. Row houses are expensive, and the prices are generally around 5 million. Since it is a high-end residence, then the decoration can not be so casual, then how to row house villas should be renovated? Here we come together to enjoy the effect of row house renovation, and to understand the whole row of villas decorated Raiders.

How to decorate a townhouse villa

The price of townhouse villas is more expensive than that of luxury villas and has become a preferred choice for wealthy people. In order to ensure the effect of the decoration, we do a good job of designing as a whole before the renovation. We can communicate our preferences and our own living habits with the professional designers of the villa. Then make a detailed measurement of your room. The contents of the measurement mainly include: the area involved in the decoration process and the size of the main wall. In particular, the wall paint area, wallpaper area and floor area, as well as the future need to design furniture size.

How to decorate a townhouse villa

If you are not satisfied with the original room type of the row house, then you will need to modify the main part of the villa. To put it plainly, it is time to put up the framework when construction. The demolition of the main villa is the first construction project, including: demolition of walls, walls, shovel wall, change steel windows and demolition of heating and so on.

Townhouse Villa how to decorate design three

Waterway reconstruction is an indispensable part of new home renovation. Due to the relatively large space of terrace houses, the layout of water pipes and wires is relatively complex, so we must hire a professional construction team to take charge of the project construction. In order to measure the cabinet between the water circuit reform and main body demolition, it is necessary to take a look at the locations of the inlets and hoods reserved by the opener, and then make some suggestions to see if the water meter is in the right place. Whether or not the location of the inlet is appropriate.

How to decorate a townhouse villa design four

After these projects are completed, there are many construction projects, such as mason, carpentry, paint, ceiling, sanitary fixtures, and so on. In order to ensure the quality of the decoration, we must employ professional masters to prevent construction from happening.

How to decorate a townhouse villa design four

The space of terrace houses is relatively large, so the difficulty of decorating is also obvious. Everyone should make overall plans when decorating such houses, and pay attention to the following precautions:

1. Pay attention to the division of functional areas. While not affecting the overall effect, we must also make a clear division of functional areas. Regional division needs to be rational and transition needs to be natural.

2, pay attention to color matching and decoration style. The distribution of colors and lighting reflects the owner's aesthetic and personality. Therefore, when designing colors and lighting, different lighting treatments are required according to different regions. For example, the living room area should be based on lightness, and then combined with gorgeous crystal lamps and spotlights with partial effects, this will give people a wide and modern appearance. feel.

3, pay attention to soft decoration. Choose soft decoration with the overall style. For example, green plants can give people a fresh, vibrant feeling.

The above is about how to decorate the row house villas and how to decorate the row house villas to a new height of the relevant sharing, for everyone to be a reference! If you have more related issues, welcome to continue to pay attention to this site, and later will show more exciting content for everyone.

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