【Safety accidents】 More than 30 cars were involved in the accident. How should the old drivers drive?

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At 7:50 on November 15, 2017, Fuyang, Anhui public security fire brigade command center received a report: Ying is located on the service area to G63 high-speed chain reaction accident occurred two kilometers Hefei direction. According to on-site feedback, serial traffic accidents caused traffic jams of 3-4 kilometers. More than 30 vehicles collided and collided, one fire point, and 4 vehicles caught fire!

At present, the accident caused a total of 18 deaths, and 21 injured people are now treated in hospitals, of whom 11 are seriously injured (the two have died and the others have stable vital signs).

Cause of the accident

November 15 at 1 pm, Fuyang traffic control department has issued a notice that the highway speed limit of 60 kilometers. The accident was caused by fog in the road section and was difficult to prevent.

Repeatedly causing accidents are very harmful!

Before the general fog, the weather department and the transportation department will give early warning. Some expressways may also be closed due to heavy fog. However, there is a kind of weather that is difficult to predict in advance, and its regionality is very strong. It is a “fog”! Therefore, the accident caused by the fog is not uncommon, and its lethality is huge.

1, November 3, 2016

At 7:03 on November 2016 Ri 42 minutes to 8:30, Xing Fen Freeway eastbound at 25-29 km sudden fog, resulting in nine traffic accidents have occurred, causing two deaths and six people were injured, It involves 21 vehicles.

2, April 2, 2016

April 2, 2016, the Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed Shanghai to Wuxi segment Qi Fang Xiangyu major accident, the scene of at least 50 vehicles piled up, the scene-way traffic interruption. Shanghai-Chengdu high-speed car accident caused three deaths and 31 injured, while police said slippery rain and fog are the main reason for the accident.

3, November 29, 2015

November 29, 2015, Shanxi expressway occurred 47 vehicles piled up serious traffic accident, killing three dead 7 injured.

4, October 16, 2015

At 7:16 on October 2015, Shen Hai high speed many incidents of traffic accidents, accidents caused a total of seven people were killed and 17 injured.

What is a fog?

"Mist fog" is essentially a fog, which is affected by the micro-climate environment in some areas. In a local area of ​​tens of meters to a hundred meters in the fog, fog that appears more "dense" and visibility is lower. The fog outside the line of sight is good and the fog is very gloomy.

It is characterized by suddenness, locality, small scale, and large concentration. Meteorologists said that due to the influence of wind, the "cluster fog" can be moved, therefore, it is called the "mobile killer" of the highway.

How do you enter the regiment fog?

The fog is so terrible, how should we deal with the fog on the road? The following ten strokes must be remembered!

The most important thing is to control speed

In the fog, the driver must strictly abide by the traffic rules speed limit: when the visibility is less than 200 meters greater than 100 meters , the speed should not exceed 60 kilometers ; visibility less than 100 meters greater than 50 meters , the speed should not exceed 40 kilometers ; visibility in the 30 In meters , the speed should be controlled under 20 kilometers .

Weapon two is reasonable to use the light safe

Turn on car taillights and front fog lights. The brightness of the car's taillights is enough to remind you of your presence after the car. If you park in heavy fog, the rear fog lights must not be turned on. At the same time, double flash must be turned on when parking in the fog to warn the rear cars.

Weapons 30 million Do not rush to the steering wheel

The driver should pay special attention to the fact that when driving in fog, do not slam or throttle quickly, let alone make an emergency brake or rush the steering wheel. If you think that you really need to reduce the speed, slow down the throttle, and then lightly step on the brake several times in a row, this can effectively prevent accidents such as rear-end.

Weapons, four follow-up vehicles do not overtake

It is forbidden to overtake the moving vehicle in foggy weather. When you find that the vehicle in front of you is driving on the right side, you must not blindly walk around, and you must consider whether this vehicle is coming across the opposite side of the vehicle. When you exceed the vehicle parked on the roadside, confirm that it has no intention of starting, and if you do not arrive at the vehicle, you will honour the horn in time and bypass the low speed from the left side.

Weapons five visibility is too low to stop waiting fog

When the visibility in fog is less than 10 meters , the vehicle should first be driven to a roadside safety zone or a parking lot, and then when the visibility becomes better, it will be on the road again. If you must drive in the fog, you must choose the speed at which you can quickly stop in case of a situation based on the visibility of the fog (the line of sight must be greater than the brake parking distance).

Weapon 6 should often look at the rearview mirror

Even if there is no fog at high speed, you should always look at the rearview mirror to observe the situation behind the vehicle. Just in case, you usually cannot drive too close to the car.

Weapon seven deceleration into the far right lane

When driving, when observing the obstruction of sight in front of “cluster fog”, deceleration measures shall be taken immediately to ensure smooth parking of the vehicle and leave room for it. Before entering the “Foam Fog”, if the distance and the speed of the vehicle can meet the conditions for lane change, on the premise of ensuring safety, turn on the signal light and slow down into the right-most lane. The purpose of this is that in the event of a traffic jam in front of you, you can quickly enter the emergency lane to avoid the collision.

It is most likely that the cluster fog will occur on the road near the lake.

The old drivers who often travel by car often have such experience. When they pass through the road near the lake during autumn and winter season, it is easy to meet the strange “cluster fog”—a group of ones, like a big balloon that floats, sometimes it does not, and the driver does not It's easy to get rid of a cloud of fog. I thought I could breathe a sigh of relief. The next mass of fog came inadvertently. When you realize that there is fog, you have entered the center of the fog.

Zhizhao Jiujiu turn section fog most block sight

When driving on weekdays, the sharp corners are inherently accident-prone. In addition to fog obstruction and line-of-sight blocking, even a thin mist on a sharp turn is actually a huge risk. When driving in a sharp turn of a fog area, do not slam on or loosen the throttle, nor can you make an emergency brake and hit the steering wheel.

There are many dangers of traveling in the fog and sky on the downhill section for ten long strokes

Long downhill sections are also often prone to special weather conditions. In addition to the long downhill sections, many drivers are used to holding brakes for a long time, which may cause brake failure, and the brake sensitivity decreases in fog conditions. When the fog is going downhill, do not simply rely on braking to slow down, but also choose to lower the speed of the low gear; in addition, never allow neutral gear to coast or turn off.

The information in this article comes from the Internet and was reorganized and edited by China Rescue Equipment Network.

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