Use safety when using high shelves

Zhengzhou shelves in Zhengzhou high shelves should pay attention to safety. Zhengzhou shelf factory has many different specifications of Zhengzhou shelves, these Zhengzhou shelves are a few different in the structure, different types of Zhengzhou shelves in the use of the characteristics are different, Zhengzhou high shelves are also a kind of shelf in Zhengzhou Types, literally, the structure of Zhengzhou's high shelf is relatively high, and it can better utilize the upper space in the enterprise. It also requires special attention when used.
Zhengzhou shelves with shelves above 5 meters in Zhengzhou can be called Zhengzhou high shelves. Due to the high-level characteristics of Zhengzhou's shelves, it is more suitable for the use of products with a large number of loads. The utilization rate of shelves in Zhengzhou is comparatively dominant, and Zhengzhou's shelves have good extraction efficiency. The main components such as pillars and beams in Zhengzhou's high shelves are basically made of high-quality Q235 steel, and the connection is made by inserting columns and beams.

Zhengzhou high shelves will not collapse due to excessive heights, and the shelves are fixed with dense expansion bolts. So there is no need to worry about design flaws. Use during discovery:

One: Falling in the air. The height of the top rail of Zhengzhou's high shelves is up and down 40cm, and it cannot completely block the bulk cargo. If the goods are not properly placed, this kind of hidden danger will occur. In addition, the shelf height of Zhengzhou exceeds the normal height, and the weight of the goods stored is large. Falling objects can cause death or personal injury.
Zhengzhou shelf two: accidentally hit Zhengzhou shelves. When the forklift is moving, there will be a blind spot, and the dense columns will block the eyes of the forklifter from accidentally hitting the shelf safety pile. A long time when the safety pile looses may hit the rack post.

Three: Fire design is difficult and the fire protection effect is not good. The height of the shelves in Zhengzhou itself almost occupies the height of the warehouse, and the top fire sprinkler covers a small area, causing potential safety hazards.

Four: There is no supporting operating forklift. Ordinary heavy Zhengzhou shelves will use forklifts to carry goods, and Zhengzhou high shelves will adopt stand-up type forklifts, which can transport the goods to the highest place. However, changing the forklift is not a supporting production of the Zhengzhou Shelf Factory. The poor stability during use will lead to a blow-off, and it is prone to a tipping crisis.

The above four points are summary of Zhengzhou shelf factory's problems in the use of Zhengzhou high shelves.

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