Smart locks have replaced the traditional locks

In 2016, China's smart lock shipments were about 2.4 million, with an average of 2,000 shipments per company. However, with the help of more mature applications, smart lock shipments will see a big growth in 2017. The estimated shipment volume is 6 million.
In recent years, the concept of smart home has been very hot, and various related products have also entered the eyes of consumers. Especially with the improvement of living standards, high-end residential houses have gradually become the first choice for high-income people, and smart home has become the standard for high-end residential.
It is reported that since the first quarter of 2015, real estate developers have tried to attract high-end consumers with the scale of water testing and smart home products. According to data from the Internet big data company Aowei Cloud Network (AVC), in the first quarter of 2015, the real estate decoration project market, the smart home configuration rate has reached more than 30%.
From a survey of 2015 data, we can see that the proportion of smart home products owned by Vanke, which is headed by Vanke, has reached 36.20%, followed by the proportion of Poly's home ownership ratio of 10.50%. Among the top 50 non-real estate companies, Guangzhou Zhaolin, Hainan Hailing and R&F Properties all have more than 8% of smart homes.
From the perspective of real estate developers, smart home products are mainly concentrated in high-end and finely decorated homes. Consumers are mainly high-income and young consumers; mainly supporting smart home appliances, smart audio and video, smart security, smart curtains and smart locks. And other products.
However, from the perspective of product weight, smart lock has become the biggest winner in the smart home field. According to the survey data from the above table, the proportion of smart switches is 5.3%, that of smart home appliances is 0.8%, that of smart curtains is 4.3%, that of smart security is 6.5%, and that of smart locks is as high as 83.1%.
So, why can smart door locks become the most successful and most ground-based products in the smart home field? First, smart locks meet the consumer’s immediate need for lock security. Electronic locks are electronic technology, information technology, Internet of things technology, and biometric technology. The combination of traditional locks and the traditional locks have unparalleled advantages in terms of safety.
Secondly, the smart lock makes up for the defect of the traditional lock carrying the key. It only needs to use the biometric identification such as fingerprint, face, iris or mobile phone, password, card, etc. to open the lock, which is more convenient than the traditional lock.
Once again, after years of hard work by the major brands in the B-end market, it has won the recognition of customers and the market's affirmation, and the market has become increasingly mature, opening the door to the demand for the domestic smart lock market.
What's more worth mentioning is that smart locks are recognized as the "entrance" of smart homes, which is easier to land than smart home products such as smart curtains, smart home appliances, and smart audio and video. Therefore, it has been favored by various industry giants such as Haier, Lenovo, ZTE, Dahua, Skyworth, TCL, Hikvision, Midea, 360, etc., and launched corresponding smart lock products, thus further promoting the development of the smart lock industry. .
According to survey data, in 2016, the total output value of China's lock industry has reached 80 billion, of which the total output value of smart door locks reached 6 billion, and the shipment volume exceeded 2 million sets. The annual growth rate exceeded 40%, and the output value of smart door locks in 2017. It will surpass the 10 billion mark and become the most successful smart item in the smart home field. Therefore, the replacement of traditional locks with smart locks is a general trend.

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