October new standards for home building materials are put together for implementation

In October, a large number of new standards for household building materials were released or implemented: JC/T547-2017 "ceramic brick adhesive", JC/T985-2017 "cement-based self-leveling mortar", JC/T2415-2017" for ceramic tile adhesive The three industry standards for waterproof coating under the layer have been implemented on October 1. On October 22nd, the second batch of Chinese home hardware group standards "home hardware sliding door pulley system", "home kitchen waste garbage processor", "home functional hardware pull basket", "home stainless steel kitchen cabinet" were released simultaneously. Some of these standards have reached the international advanced level; some indicators have filled the gaps of similar standards at home and abroad, and seized the commanding heights of the industry. What modifications, enrichment, optimization, and upgrading of new standards and original standards? Standard name "ceramic tile adhesive" industry standard "cement-based cement-based self-leveling mortar" industry standard "waterproof coating film for ceramic tile bonding layer" industry standard "home hardware sliding door pulley system" group standard "home kitchen waste The garbage standard" group standard "home functional hardware pull basket" group standard "home stainless steel whole kitchen cabinet" group standard revision content revised the standard name, the "ceramic wall tile adhesive" changed to "ceramic brick adhesive", and ISO standards The name is unified; the revision adopts ISO13007-1:2010 and ISO13007-2:2013; the scope, terminology and definition of the standard are revised; the classification increases the A, S, and P categories; the maintenance time of the test piece is increased by 6 hours, and the test time is allowed. The error is ±15 minutes; the specific requirements for lateral deformation are increased and the corresponding test methods are modified. Removed the "introduction" of the original standard; revised the scope and normative references; added the terminology and definition of the surface layer and cushion cement-based self-leveling mortar; increased the classification according to the material use parts, deleted the product components Classification and marking; increased general requirements; revised technical requirements, technical requirements were proposed according to the surface layer and the cushion; modified mixing method for sample preparation, clarified time for testing fluidity, modified wear resistance Test method with impact resistance. The newly formulated product standard stipulates the technical requirements and test methods of the waterproof coating film under the ceramic tile bonding layer in the tile engineering, and will play an important role in ensuring the quality of waterproofing projects such as bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool and basement. The standard is applicable to waterproof coating under the bonding layer of ceramic tiles such as wall, floor and swimming pool. The indicators such as violent opening, intermittent static load, operating force, durability, sinking amount and corrosion resistance are stricter than the corresponding requirements in the original standard, and increase the harmful substance content, main size, continuous static load, traction, Forward-looking and advanced indicators such as cushioning performance, anti-pinch performance, and noise. The kitchen waste generated in the daily life of the family is clearly and clearly divided into three categories: direct processing, post-processing and non-treatment; the product safety requirements are comprehensively improved in the technical requirements. It is stipulated that the sound power level noise value of the processor during no-load operation should be no more than 60dB(A), which greatly improves the noise reduction level of the product; comprehensively standardizes the test items and test methods; adds the installation content, and adds the processor Installation location, installation environment, and drainage pipes are included in the standard, and the installation of the processor is regulated. The standard regulates the definition of functional hardware basket products, countertop racks, wall mounts and other categories installed on household products; defines the classification and design specifications of household functional hardware basket products; stipulates material selection and manufacturing process The detailed technical requirements, especially the corrosion resistance and service life, are better than the similar standards at home and abroad; the installation accessories and maintenance specifications have been added, and the test methods and inspection rules have been clarified. The standard has added the terms and definitions of stainless steel kitchen cabinets, all stainless steel kitchen cabinets, stainless steel door panels, stainless steel countertops and defects on the basis of GB/T 18884-2015; the appearance requirements of stainless steel primary color door panels and stainless steel painted door panels have been added, and stainless steel has been specified. The requirements of the physical and chemical properties of the countertop and the mechanical properties of the stainless steel cabinet; the surface treatment, waterproof performance and formaldehyde emission of the stainless steel kitchen cabinet are clearly defined; and the design and installation requirements of the complete disassembly structure are proposed.

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