Low-carbon manufacturing panel furniture makes you closer to the low-carbon economy

What is "low carbon manufacturing"? Yitong International Home tells you the answer: develop energy in a reasonable way, and use and use resources efficiently with advanced methods. Its purpose is to reduce energy consumption, improve material utilization, reduce waste and waste emissions, and maximize the quantity and value of output while the resource consumption at the same time is relatively unchanged.

The upgrading of industry and the progress of society are inseparable from a hard indicator-development. In other words, development is the premise and progress is the result. The development depends on the industrialization process of the industry, that is, the means of industrialization are the prerequisites for development. When the process of industrialization is constrained by objective environmental conditions, the development of the industry has come to an end. It can only break away from the mainstream direction of the industrialized industry and become a non-mainstream industry. So, which model is more promising for the furniture industry? Through the above logical relationship, the answer points to a very clear-panel furniture.

It is not difficult to see from the background of the formation of panel furniture that panel furniture is the inevitable development of society to a certain historical height, the direction of progress of human civilization, the change of backward advanced methods, and the inevitable trend of social development. The emergence of panel furniture completely abandoned the backwardness of traditional craftsmanship, and with its absolute advantages, it got rid of the current situation of high energy consumption, low efficiency, and dependence on labor, which has made the furniture industry move from the era of large industrialization. After 50 years of development and exploration, the manufacturing equipment, application hardware, and production technology of panel furniture have been comprehensively improved, creating unlimited space and technical guarantee for the future development of panel furniture industry. In addition, judging from the development experience of European developed countries, whether it is a star hotel, a residential apartment, or an office field and a large public place, they have become the "territory" of panel furniture. Panel furniture has already become the mainstream of consumption in all levels of European society. product. At the same time, panel furniture has an absolute advantage compared with traditional furniture in terms of resource utilization and pollution caused by it, which has naturally become the reason why the European furniture industry has not given up so far. Therefore, the vigorous development of panel furniture is an inevitable direction for the future sustainable development of China's furniture industry and an inevitable law followed by the development of various industries in human society.

To develop, we must innovate, and to scientific development, we must even revolutionize innovation. At present, most of the innovations of furniture manufacturing companies can only be reflected in the shape of the furniture, relying on frequent "facelifts" to maintain the development of the enterprise. This is a lack of wisdom. It is an irrational act of playing with the form and pursuing product packaging . The innovation emphasized by "low-carbon manufacturing" is inherently technological innovation, and even requires the courage to subvert the tradition, which is a complete change. Give up the ways and methods under the past inertial thinking, and find a way out from a new perspective. To change people's thoughts and concepts to ensure product innovation, management innovation, and marketing model innovation. If you just follow the rules of succession without changing your mind, you will never find a breakthrough.

As a large-scale furniture company with high reputation at home and abroad, it unifies the international home furnishing, exposes "sincerity" to the general public, bears the responsibility of social progress and the public's voice, and fundamentally finds an effective solution to the development of industrial science, and continuously improves the furniture industry The level of industrialization technology provides a sustainable development path for the progress of the furniture industry, which is a valuable and meaningful act.

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