Children's room with caution colored glass

Some families now decorate their new homes very beautifully, especially in children's rooms. Even on the ceiling or on the wall, they are very cute wallpapers, even the glass is colored, but very few Some people know the harm of colored glass to children.

Colored glass belongs to special glass, called heat absorbing glass, which usually blocks about 50% of sunlight radiation. Its shielding effect is very strong. Because it is only suitable for trains, cars, ships or windshields. However, in dense urban residential areas, tinted glass blocks the sunlight that can be used for sterilization, disinfection, and deodorization—half, which is detrimental to children's health. Learning children in this environment is also a great burden on vision, and over time it will cause vision loss. Therefore, it is advisable to use ordinary glass with high light transmittance for indoor decoration, and a convenient sunshade device for opening and closing the window.

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