Classification and identification standards for paint

Classification and identification standards for paint Modern home decoration increasingly pays attention to the beauty and practicality of decorative materials and the guarantee of health and environmental protection. "Paint" is the focus of much attention. In the general home improvement, the parts that need to be painted include walls, ceilings, doors, windows, and furniture. Wall paint uses water-based latex paint, while wood and metal parts use oil-based paint. Dulux, one of the world's largest home improvement paint manufacturers, offers a simple introduction to these paint classification and identification standards.

First, latex paint: latex paint for water-based paint. The main component is a resin that is diluted with water when used. Suitable for use on walls and ceilings. High-grade latex paint products should be healthy and environment-friendly products: they do not contain substances harmful to human health such as lead and mercury, and have no pungent odor. There will be no harm to the health of occupants.

Second, color paint: This type of product is actually an oily solvent-based paint. Suitable for doors, windows, furniture and metal surfaces. Because it is an oil solvent product, it is easy to volatilize toxic gases. Therefore, at the time of purchase, high-end brands that do not contain harmful chemicals such as lead, mercury, and benzene must be selected. This minimizes toxicity. And high-end brands are also better in terms of paint film fullness. Make home renovations both healthy and beautiful.

In addition, at the time of purchase, good quality paint has the following advantages and characteristics:

1. High brand awareness, good reputation, stable product quality, and safe protection;

2. Smooth and meticulous paint film after brushing;

3, with anti-mildew and anti-alkaline properties, extend the life of the paint film;

4, good film ductility, can cover micro cracks;

5, wall stains can be washed, easy to maintain;

6, the product color choice and color stability, no color;

7, the product does not contain lead and mercury, smell fresh, pay attention to environmental protection, harmless human health.

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