How to maintain Baoding screw air compressor

The company has a professional air compressor maintenance team in Baoding area. After years of experience, it can solve all kinds of problems and provide you with the most timely air compressor service. How to maintain the Baoding screw air compressor Daily maintenance items 1. Check the air filter and coolant level;
2. Check hoses and all fittings for leaks;
3. Check the records. If the consumable parts have reached the replacement cycle, they must be shut down and replaced.
4. Check the record. When the exhaust temperature of the main engine reaches or approaches 98 degrees Celsius, the oil cooler must be cleaned;
5. Check the condensate discharge. If the displacement is too small or there is no condensate discharge, the water separator must be shut down.
Monthly maintenance items 1. Check the surface of the oil cooler and clean it if necessary;
2, after cleaning the cooler;
3. Check all wire connections and tighten them;
4. Clean the surface of the motor suction port and the surface of the casing;
5, cleaning the oil return filter
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