New radiator features new radiator maintenance method

The use of new radiators in daily life is very important. Compared to the old radiators, the new radiators should be noted in many aspects. The new radiators are very simple to clean, with a clean damp cloth, or can be bent freely. After wiping several times carefully, the scorpion will be as clean as new; if it is an old-style cast iron radiator, the surface is rough, it is difficult to clean it, and if it is scrubbed with a cloth, it is not necessarily clean, but it must be cleaned frequently, so as to avoid more backlog and more. Bad cleaning. The following small series introduces new radiator features and new radiator maintenance methods.

New radiator features

1, good thermal performance

The new radiator heat transfer coefficient than the old-fashioned heat transfer coefficient is good, new radiators can speed up the greenhouse temperature inside and outside the body and envelope structure surface, so that the indoor rapid temperature rise. When the convection method is used to dissipate heat, the convection speed of the indoor air is slow, and the temperature difference between the upper and lower sides is too large, the room temperature is not uniform, and the dust convections with the air, and the cleaning conditions are also not good.

2, mechanical strength high pressure capacity

The new radiators can withstand the high pressure of hot water, and many high-rise buildings are also selected to withstand high pressure radiators.

3, easy to install

The new radiators are simple to install. In some of the narrower rooms, newer radiators with smaller dimensions can be used. This occupies a small area.

4, beautiful fashion

The new radiator will be more beautiful than the old radiator, beautiful, easy to dust, easy to clean.

5, long life and corrosion resistance

The service life is longer than the old radiator, and its corrosion resistance is also a big feature of it, so it is recognized by many consumers.

New radiator maintenance method

1, water wipe the surface

The surface of the new radiator often has dust, so use a clean rag to wipe it clean. When scrubbing, do not use strong corrosive solutions, nor can you scrape sharp, sharp objects to avoid damaging the surface.

2, clear the pipeline

The new radiator has been used for a long time. It is necessary to clean the filter screen in time. If it is too long, it will be difficult to clean it. If the problem is found during the operation, it will be difficult to handle.

3, exhaust air

The new radiator must not be able to enter the air with water shortage. This problem is very easy to corrode. Some people may want to say that the new steel radiator has anti-corrosion coating inside and is not afraid of corrosion. This understanding is simple and naive.

Editor's summary: The new radiator features and new radiator maintenance methods are introduced here, and we hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

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