Welding, gas welding how to operate safely?

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1. Electrowelding and gas welders are all special operations. They should be qualified for physical examination. They can be independently operated after they have passed the professional safety technology study, training and examination, and received the “Special Type of Operation Certificate”.

2. Special oxygen and acetylene bottle storage warehouses must be built on site and equipped with corresponding fire-fighting equipment. “No smoking” logo should be hung on the obvious wall of the warehouse.

3 , oxygen, acetylene bottles before entering the field, the material supervisor should ensure that the gas cylinder safety helmet is complete, transport is strictly prohibited impact, is strictly prohibited in the underground rolling or sun exposure, so as not to explode.

4. Before use, check whether the acetylene bottle, oxygen bottle, hose, valve, and meter are complete and effective. Do not loosen the connection. Check whether the leaked parts of the acetylene, oxygen bottle, rubber hose connector and valve are good or not. Bottles and their accessories, hoses, and tools must not be oiled; operators must carry special tools such as wrenches and pliers.

5 , the pressure of the acetylene bottle should be kept normal, and the use of the acetylene bottle should be stopped when the pressure exceeds 1.5Kgf / cm2 . The acetylene bottle and the oxygen bottle can not be struck with metal bars or other hard objects;

5. Oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders should be placed separately with an interval not less than 5 meters and no less than 10 meters from the open flame . The operating point should be ready for clean water, in preparation for timely cooling of the welding tip. The acetylene and oxygen cylinders should be placed on the uptake of the operating site. They should not be placed under the high-voltage lines and all the wires. They must not be exposed to strong sunlight for a long time.

6. The new rubber hose must be subjected to pressure test. It is forbidden to use in deterioration, aging, and unqualified hoses. The hose used should be qualified through pressure test. No substitutes, deterioration, aging, brittle cracks, leaks, etc. shall be used. The oil hose is stained with oil, and the hose should be replaced when there is a backfire, and the flammable and combustion-supporting gas hoses must not be mixed.

7. When gas cutting operation, open the acetylene gas, and then open the oxygen. Before the welding (cutting) torch is ignited, oxygen blowing is applied to check whether there is wind pressure and clogging or leakage. When the gas welding (cutting) torch blows due to high temperature, the acetylene gas supply valve must be closed immediately and the welding (cutting) torch Cool in the water, and also close the oxygen valve. During operation, if the oxygen cylinder valve is found to be out of order or damaged, the oxygen in the bottle should be automatically exhausted and then disassembled and repaired; it is forbidden to operate the rubber hose on the back; it is forbidden to use the non-installed pressure reducer. Oxygen cylinders for operation;

8 , gas welding (cutting) operations. When the acetylene pipe is detached, broken or caught on fire, the flame of the welder or torch should be extinguished first, and then the air supply should be stopped. When the oxygen tube is on fire, the oxygen cylinder valve should be closed immediately to stop the oxygen supply. It is forbidden to use a bending method to cut off gas and extinguish fire. When entering the container for welding, ignition and extinguishing should be performed outside the container. Do not spray flames on human bodies and rubber hoses during gas welding. Do not walk with torches and torches with flames.

9 , extinguish the gas welding flame, the first acetylene off, after the oxygen off, so as not to temper. If the gas welding finds that the flame suddenly recoils and hears a “click” sound, it is a symbol of tempering. When a fire occurs and the hose or temper preventer fires, the oxygen valve and the acetylene valve on the solace should be quickly closed. , Close the oxygen valve and acetylene gas valve, and then take fire fighting measures.

10. When the acetylene bottle is found to be burning due to leakage, the acetylene bottle should be immediately pushed down in a safe direction, and sand or fire extinguishing equipment should be used to extinguish the fire.

11 、The acetylene hose and oxygen hose must not be installed wrongly. When the oxygen hose catches fire during use, it is not allowed to bend the hose to shut off the air. The oxygen valve should be closed quickly to stop the oxygen supply. When the acetylene hose is on fire, the torch should be turned off first. The fire can be extinguished by bending the front section of the hose;

12. After work, remove the pressure reducer and screw on the cylinder safety helmet. The hoses are rolled up and tied up in a dry place inside the warehouse, and the acetylene generator is depressurized. The oxygen in the oxygen cylinder must not be used up. The residual pressure of 0.5kgf / cm2 should be kept .

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