Baishan Mine Safety District promotes employee self-discipline

Since the beginning of the second quarter, the safety and transportation areas in the Wanshan Coal and Gas Plant in the Wanbei Coal Mine have been strengthened on the basis of the fact that the length of the underground operation system, the complicated and varied field conditions, and the dispersion of operating personnel, etc., have been strengthened on the basis of strengthening the spirit of various types of safety documents in the near future. In terms of employees’ safety and quality education, the “three minutes before duty security self-discipline” campaign was implemented among employees in the region.

The district took the opportunity of expanding the form of safety education and adopted various forms to strengthen employees' professional quality and safety concepts. It gradually realized the "Seishin Security" and innovatively implemented the "three minutes before the post-security self-discipline" activities. The so-called "three minutes before work, self-discipline," is that after employees arrive at the scene, they must use 3 minutes before putting into formal work to ensure safety through "see, think, remember" three things. Namely: Check whether there are hidden dangers in the field work; think about the content of the class before the class and whether there are any forgotten safety work items; recall the problems that the class will learn before the accident, formal operation procedures, work processes and other issues. Through the advancement of this activity, the occurrence of various “three violations” has effectively been reduced and the safe production work has been carried out in an orderly manner.

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The  granular of Activated Carbon has a very good removal effect for less than the molecular weight below 480 extractable organic matters, and the removal efficiency is very low for macromolecular organic matters. This is mainly because the micro-porous structure of the activated carbon, too large organic molecules cannot into the pores of the internal activity carbon, only adsorption in activated carbon surface.

Comparing the adsorption effect of volatile carbon and organic compounds on activated carbon, we draw the conclusion:

Activated carbon has a big difference in adsorption for volatile organic compounds and extraction of organic compounds. Volatile organic compounds with the molecular weight increased, the adsorption effect is better; and the extraction of organic compounds reduce with molecular weight, the adsorption effect is better. This is mainly due to volatile organic compounds mainly polar is the small organic matter, and the extractable organic matter is the relatively large polarity of organic matter. Activated carbon itself can be seen as a non-polar adsorbent for water adsorption capacity of nonpolar substances, which is greater than the adsorption capacity of polar compounds.  Moreover, the adsorbate molecule size and activated carbon in a certain proportion,  which is the most conducive to the adsorption. For small polar molecules, the larger of the molecular weight, the more conducive to the adsorption.

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