The choice of aged furniture design materials must be considered

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For the elderly, the inconvenience of walking, the coordination of the body is declining, and collision is inevitable. In order to reduce accidents, look at the details of the cornerless, sleek shape design, simple styling is the first principle, psychologically can also give the elderly a sense of security. Some products still need to sit up and try. When the person sits up, they are deeply immersed in it, and it feels like the sofa that the whole person is hugged is really comfortable, but it is not suitable for the elderly, because the sofa will continue to sink after sitting up, which may give They bring sudden psychological panic and, more importantly, they are not easy for them to stand up.

For furniture materials, environmental protection standards are more conducive to the health of the elderly, and the light weight of the furniture is easier for the elderly to move when needed. This can be achieved by using a simple shape and selecting some materials with lower density. In addition, attention should be paid to the convenience and practicability of the materials, so that the furniture can be used "hands-on" to highlight its functionality. In short, the material is the carrier and support of the furniture design, which is the basis of the furniture styling. It restricts the inner structure and external form of the furniture, and also reflects different textures and effects.

Wood, bamboo, rattan, natural latex and other materials are more environmentally friendly than synthetic materials, and should be the first choice for elderly furniture materials. For example, bamboo, rattan and other materials, they can meet the environmental health awareness of modern people in performance, visual and psychological, and the furniture produced is generally lighter, especially suitable for the elderly. The following bamboo furniture is especially suitable~

China's ancient furniture mainly has seats, beds, screens, mirrors, tables, chairs, cabinets and so on. The mat is the oldest and most original piece of furniture. It was first woven from leaves. Later, it was mostly made of reeds and bamboo rafts. It can be said that bamboo products are old Chinese homes. After the bamboo rafts have faded out of daily household life, they have not faded out of the eyes of designers. The shape of the modern home is presented by the ancient bamboo raft, which collides with the stunning beauty of the retro and artistic sense.

Color can directly affect people's psychology. Color can also reflect weight, time and density. It can also create different comforts and even affect the relative humidity in the room. Therefore, when we choose furniture for the elderly, we must also pay attention to the treatment of color.

It is understood that those low-purity, low-light, harmonious and fresh and elegant colors can give the elderly a quiet, comfortable and elegant living atmosphere. Aside from the complicated color matching, the harmonious color can make people feel happy and comfortable. Therefore, in the color selection of the furniture of the elderly, the colors of different hue, different brightness and different purity need to be arranged according to a certain order, and the balance of color intensity is obtained. The natural color of the natural materials itself, with its original, simple and soft characteristics, enables the elderly to harvest a more peaceful state of mind, which is beneficial to the physical and mental health of the elderly.

With the increasing number of elderly people and the concept of humanized home life, the safety of the elderly and the convenience of daily life should be the primary concern. The details of anti-slip mats, safety rails and bathroom handles can be used for the elderly. Life brings great convenience and security.

Older people use the bathroom for a longer period of time, and the action range is larger. Therefore, the sanitary ware used by the elderly should choose a device that is easy to operate, and the installation size should be appropriately relaxed. The position is in line with the physiological characteristics of the elderly; Safety and equipment that is less dangerous when the elderly fall. It is best for the elderly to use white sanitary ware, which is clean and easy to spot certain lesions in the elderly. A convenient toilet should be used, and the flush handle is located in an easy-to-operate position. For the elderly, the grip strength is reduced, and the faucet with a shape that is easy to operate should be selected, and a lever type faucet or an automatic faucet for adjusting the water temperature can be used. Hot water taps use signs with obvious colors to prevent burns caused by improper operation of the elderly.

In a steam-steamed bathroom, sitting is safer than standing. Due to the decline of bodily functions, it is not practical for the elderly to stand for a long time. There is a special bench for the bathroom. When designing in the bathroom, according to the physical scale and behavior characteristics of the elderly, handrails are placed in places where there may be unstable postures such as moving up and down, standing on one leg. In places where traffic is frequently used, it is necessary to install handrails that are easy to use when walking horizontally, or to reserve a position where armrests can be installed and to make reinforcement measures at corresponding positions on the wall. The height, material and shape of the handrail should be selected according to the characteristics of use. The installation must be strong and reliable to ensure the safety of use. The height of the handrail should be convenient for the elderly to move in corridors, stairs, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, etc., and the height is preferably 800mm~900mm.

The toilet seat design below is designed to match the sitting toilet with a bracket, which makes the squat toilet into a sitting toilet, making it safer for users such as the elderly who are inconvenient to move. It is designed to be compatible with a variety of seated toilets and is light enough to be strong. [ Follow the WeChat public number "Jiuzheng Furniture Network"; pay attention to courtesy, scan code to send millions of business opportunities ]  

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