Chengdu Biotech invents a method for producing ethanol by using straw as raw material

Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences “A method for the fermentation of acetone, ethanol, and butanol with straw as raw material” was patented by the State Intellectual Property Office (patent number: ZL 201210259521.X).

Acetone, ethanol, and butanol (hereinafter abbreviated as ABE) fermentation is a traditional bulk fermentation industry. However, the use of food crops to produce ABE raises concerns about food security and environmental impacts, but straw ABE is the largest The advantage lies in avoiding “moral hazards”. Once industrialized production, straw ABE can solve the problem of “competition with people” and can also turn waste into treasure. The available straw in China is about 7×108 t per year. These agricultural wastes are a rich source of ABE production.

Straw biomass needs to be pretreated before fermentation. After pretreatment, glucose, xylose and other fermentable sugars are produced, and a large number of inhibitors such as salts, acids, aldehydes, and phenols are generated. ABE producing strains have high utilization efficiency for glucose and xylose, but are sensitive to inhibitors such as phenols and aldehydes. Therefore, complex fermentation is required when straw hydrolyzate is used as a substrate for fermentation.

At present, the commonly used detoxification methods are physical methods, chemical methods, and biological methods. However, in practice, a single method is difficult to meet the fermentation needs, and it is usually a comprehensive utilization of various methods. These detoxification methods significantly increase production costs and limit the industrialization of using straw to produce ABE. Therefore, only the targeted development of inexpensive, highly-operable production processes and avoidance of the detoxification process can truly produce ABE from straw.

In order to solve the problem of requiring a complex detoxification process for pretreatment of straw raw materials before being used in ABE fermentation, researchers at Chengdu Institute of Biological Technology have invented a method for producing acetone, ethanol, and butanol by using straw as a raw material, including straw pre-treatment. Treatment, enzymatic hydrolysis of straw, preparation of fermentation medium, preparation of microbial seed liquid for ABE production, ABE fermentation, and solvent distillation process unit, through the addition of FeSO4.7H2O in the ABE fermentation unit to promote fermentation, improve solvent production and production efficiency, Reduces production costs and simplifies the production process.

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