How to deal with the phenomenon of safety shoes grinding feet

Safety shoes are designed to protect people who are engaged in dangerous work, such as construction, machinery manufacturing, coal mining, railway construction, etc. Safety shoes can provide good protection for people's feet, but for new purchases. When the safety shoes are worn, the phenomenon of grinding feet will appear. Even brand names are no exception. Wearing shoes is a very painful thing to rub your feet. What should you do? Let Xiao Bian make it for you today.

1. Take a newspaper and knead it together. Dip it in water. Don't be too wet. But all must be wet. Wrap the dried newspaper in a wet newspaper, stuff it in a squeezed area, and seal it in a plastic bag. Stayed overnight.

2, if the safety shoes are too small and pinch the feet, may wish to dampen with a wet towel, and then use shoes to support large, it can be.

3, so that the wet towel rubbing the foot of the safety shoes for a few minutes, wrapped in a dry soft towel wrap the squeezed place, with a hammer to knock a few, the place where the grinding feet hit the formation, cortical softening and peace Afterwards, it will not wear feet.

4, the new safety shoes grinding feet, wearing a hair dryer can be used to blow the front of the heel and the front part of the soft to wear, the effect is very high.

5, you can buy heel stickers, in accordance with the above instructions, posted good on the line. Not only do not wear ankles, but also make the safety shoes more comfortable to wear.

6. Put a little white liquor on the place where the feet are rubbed.

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