Short-circuit grounding wire construction precautions

The short-circuit grounding wire is used for the line and substation construction, and it is used to prevent the adjacent charged body from generating electrostatic induction or electric shock, or to ensure the safety when closing the gate.

Short circuit ground wire
Short circuit ground wire

Short-circuit grounding wire construction precautions
1. The construction grounding line consists of a grounding end, a grounding conductor, and a spring splint. The outer layer of the grounding wire has an insulating layer. When colliding with the wire, the spring-loaded clamping body in the clamping plate automatically clamps the wire. Its physical object is shown in the figure.

2. The cross section of the construction grounding line should be selected according to the purpose.

Portable short-circuit grounding wire requirements:

3. First, one end of the construction ground wire is bolted to the grounding body, the clamp plate is opened, and the spring plate is supported. The operator's portable grounding wire is used to align the clamp body with the grounded wire or overhead ground wire, and then the clamp is clamped. Hold the conductor or ground wire.

4. When removing, remove the clamp first, and finally loosen the grounding bolt.

5. In places where the induced voltage is high, construction workers should wear antistatic clothing.

6. A grounding warning sign must be grounded.

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