Stealing diamond wire saw drawings, science and technology personnel increase crimes

Increased number of intellectual property crimes committed by science and technology personnel

At the end of last year, the Jiangning District Court ruled that the defendant Duan Xinmiao was guilty of infringing on trade secrets and was sentenced to 6 years in prison and fined 2 million yuan.

Duan Xinmiao served as the general manager of a diamond tool company in Nanjing. He used his position to obtain business secrets such as drawings of the company's diamond wire saw production equipment through copying, sneak shots and other theft methods, and then registered the company himself, causing huge losses to the original company.

Xi Chen, director of the Investigation and Supervision Department of the Municipal Procuratorate, introduced the highest record of the sentence of the city infringement of commercial secrets. In the past two years, the number of cases of infringement of intellectual property rights by science and technology entrepreneurs in our city has increased significantly. The city's procuratorial organs have investigated and handled 21 such cases, involving 46 people.

The subject of crime is characterized by "high knowledge"

In such cases, criminal subjects generally have a bachelor's degree or higher, which is a "high-minded" crime.

Xi Chen said that in the case of the infringement of the software source code rights of a company handled by the Gulou District Procuratorate, all three defendants were university cultures and were masters of logistics supervision software programming. They were typical high-education and high-intelligence crimes.

The reporter learned that in the 21 cases of infringement of trade secrets, most of the persons involved in the case resigned after obtaining or mastering the original unit technology, and established the same type of company by themselves or with others, stealing the technical achievements of the original unit, and illegally producing and selling products. Lee.

In the case of Wang’s infringement of trade secrets handled by the Procuratorate of Pukou District, Wang took the technology information stolen by him to join the company established by others. After the incident, the production of the original company where Wang was located was suspended, and the funds invested by several partners could not be recovered.

"Internal and external collusion" is more common

The means of committing crimes against intellectual property crimes are generally more subtle. Criminals often collude with insiders and outsiders of the infringed units, and illegally obtain the technical trade secrets of the infringed units by paying the benefits, promising the shares, and cooperating.

Xi Chen introduced that in the 12 high-tech cases infringing enterprises in the city, 70% of them have internal and external collusion, and the success rate of crimes is 100%.

In such cases, criminals evade tracing and attacking, often using network means to transmit key technical secrets.

In the case of the infringement of the trade secrets of a key high-tech enterprise of the Ministry of Science and Technology in the Gulou District Procuratorate, the criminal suspect used the position as the deputy director of the workshop to sell the unit's core business secrets to others through the 360 ​​network disk and other tools.

Obtain huge illegal benefits

In the case of the infringement of commercial secrets by a certain person in charge of a technology startup company, Zhongmou, etc., four criminal suspects used the stolen raw material formula to produce and sell the same chemical products as the victimized units, and illegally profited for 200 years. Over 10,000 yuan; Li, a person in charge of a technology startup company, infringed on the power of the case, involving more than 15 million yuan, and finally determined that the illegal profit reached more than 7 million yuan.

In the case of an infringement of commercial secrets handled by the Gulou District Procuratorate, the value of the stolen intellectual property was estimated to be more than RMB 10 million, and at the same time, the R&D expenses of 1.03 million yuan were lost.

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