Fire hydrants should be "sold up" and even more convenient to use

In safety production promotion, appropriate innovations such as the use of cartoon characters will receive unexpected publicity. Compared with dull publicity materials, the audience is subjectively more willing to accept lively and vivid cartoon images. However, not all publicity is suitable for the "cartoon line," and pursuing cartoons and creative ideas may sometimes be counter-productive, or even if the effect of propaganda is achieved, it also creates other problems.

Recently, more than 60 creative “selling Meng” fire hydrants appeared in several bustling sections of Chongqing’s Yubei District. Some of them are incarnations of angry birds, some become small brown bears, some resemble Donald Ducks, and some directly "put on" uniforms and become cartoon fire guards. Yubei District Public Security Fire Fighting Brigade staff said that they hope to use this kind of street attitude to promote fire prevention knowledge and pay attention to the safety of fire hydrants.

It should be said that in order to publicize the need for fire safety knowledge, propaganda using fire hydrants graffiti is not unreasonable, and from the actual effect of the publicity, the fire hydrant “graffiti” activities in the Yubei District public security fire department have achieved The results are very prominent. However, the fire hydrants are still more used for fire extinguishing purposes. They can be used as a vehicle for propagating fire safety knowledge. However, they cannot over-consider the need for publicity and ignore the essential attributes of fire extinguishing equipment.

We all know that the common outdoor fire hydrants are mainly monochromatic paints, especially red, and yellow and blue. This design is not unfounded. According to "General Technical Specifications for Outdoor Fire Hydrant" (GB 4452-1996) 4.2.1, the appearance of outdoor fire hydrants is stipulated as follows: "The surface of cast iron parts of fire hydrants should be smooth and coated with antirust paint. The upper exposed part should be coated with red paint, the paint film should be uniform in color, free of cracks, and no obvious scratches or bumps."

The standard requires that the exposed part of the fire hydrant should be painted red, largely based on eye-catching and easily recognizable considerations. In the event of a fire emergency, one minute and one second are invaluable. To minimize the time for firefighters to look for and identify fire fighting equipment, they should be ready to use. The appearance of different "sold Meng" fire hydrant, due to the appearance of too many graffiti colors, and graffiti too realistic, three-dimensional sense of strong, if not beforehand, I am afraid even when the first time the fire fighters have to carefully recognize the first time It can be seen where the valve is and where it is the outlet.

Boldly attempting fire hydrant graffiti to publicize the innovative awareness of fire safety knowledge is worthy of recognition and encouragement. However, innovation should take into account the practicality. If the graffiti fire hydrant bears more of the mission of propaganda carriers, it will extinguish the fire in an emergency. Inconvenience, we should re-examine this kind of innovation.

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