May 1 plumbing hardware consumption changes

May 1 plumbing hardware consumption changes

With the approaching of the May Day holiday, the sales of China Science & Technology Hardware Plumbing Hardware Trading Zone began to keep improving. “Since the first month, our sales have not been deserted. Promotions are hot, activities are booming, and sales are even better in January than in January. Especially as Labor Day approaches, business is like day. I believe this year. 51 hardware city plumbing hardware trading area, the major businesses to earn a pot full of overflowing is no doubt.” In the plumbing hardware trading area operating a well-known bathroom brand Xu Mou joyfully said. However, according to the author's understanding, in the prediction of "May 1" sales by major merchants and brands, there have been some different sounds from previous years.

Branded goods are more popular. The author turned around in the plumbing hardware trading area and learned that well-known brand goods are increasingly welcomed by consumers. The pursuit of personalized appearance, high-quality connotation of goods has been popular among modern young people and high-end consumer groups. TOTO, four-dimensional, American Standard, Anwar, Sangxia and other brand-name products are highly sought after, smart showers, smart toilets, smart bathroom and other smart goods have also become an important embodiment of young people, especially the high-paying class people in pursuit of fashion. The consumption trend of high-end and fashion brand products is increasing year by year in the proportion of sales of major distribution departments, and it has also become a point of profit growth for major manufacturers.

The new residents of Qiaoqiao became a new selling point. The move to new homes is a mainstream consumer group in recent years. This group has become one of the important consumer groups in the holiday. It is understood that this group purchased mostly small appliances before May Day, and during the golden week of May 1st and 11th, due to the greater promotional efforts of the merchants, this consumer group also focused on the purchase of sanitary ware and ceramics during the holidays. Large home appliances and other commodities. It is conservatively estimated that this consumer group accounts for almost one-third of the market share of the entire plumbing hardware trading area.

The rural market continues to expand. In recent years, with the continuous advancement of new rural construction, plumbing hardware products have begun to invade the rural market. Coupled with the city's old residents to plumbing hardware products, the replacement of the demand for goods, as well as the appearance of various types of product performance updates faster and faster, making the plumbing hardware products, the actual update time is greatly shortened. The author learned in the trading area that it is expected that there will be a few household appliances and rural consumption during the small holiday period this year. The latter, in particular, will become a bright spot and feature for future holiday spending.

The concept of health sings the main theme. Health and water saving are a theme of plumbing hardware products for many years. In the plumbing hardware trading area, we can often see that major bathroom brands have made such a slogan. In the bathroom industry, everything from bathtubs to Yuba, from bathroom tiles to sanitary ware, is moving closer to “healthy”. Dealers and consumers generally believe that the future of indoor space decoration design, whether it is environmental protection, whether it is energy-saving, whether it has physiotherapy and health care functions will become a key issue.

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